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I realised that there were tons of communities for anime fanart and comic fanart, but there didn't seem to be a multi-fandom video game fanart community. So here it is.

Fanart of a character from any computer game on any format is welcome. ^_^ Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, World of Warcraft, Half Life, Tales of Symphonia, Resident Evil, Baten Kaitos, Fable, anything is allowed so long as it's fan art of a video game character. Yaoi, yuri and straight pictures are all accepted.


1. No flaming! Great way to get yourself banned! If you don't like something, then ignore it and move on.
2a. Anything non-work-safe should go behind an LJ cut. The code is <lj-cut> [Insert Cut]</lj-cut> or <lj-cut text="text here"> [Insert Cut] </lj-cut> What do I mean by 'work-safe'? Well, would your co-workers freak out if they looked over your shoulder and saw it on your screen? Images involving sex, violence, blood and gratuitous nudity (whilst all fun in their own right), should be behind that cut.
2b. Large images or more than two smaller images should also go behind a cut, so that you don't stretch other users' friends pages.
3. Image theft is bad. If someone proves that the image you posted was stolen, you're out on your arse.
4. Please be respectful if you critique artwork! If you want critiques please ask and I'm sure someone'll be able to oblige.
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